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I was feeling kinda nostalgic, remembering the years I studied veterinary, and decided to look some TEM and SEM pictures of cells (TEM = Transmission electron microscopy; SEM = Scanning electron mycroscopy). I deleted my old cytology stuff so I went to google images, and then decided to share some photos here on my tumblr.

For some reason I always liked how the mitochondria looked in the TEM pics. They were easy to identify xDD

Here is a pic from the nucleus: [source here]

And one pic of a T4 bacteriophage (it’s so strange XDDD I liked it a lot for that odd form that it has xDDDDD) [source]

And well, I know, I’m weird sometimes xDDDD

Posted at 9.10pm, on 13/06/12, with 6 notas.

#cytology #mitocondria #cell nucleus #TEM #SEM #T4 bacteriophage
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