Richard Armitage habits part 1


tlou!will before and after the outbreak

a couple folks asked me if i’m still doing the comic and the answer is /yes/. i had to put it aside for a bit cus of irl stuff. but it’s coming i swear. 


just found my old doodles of vampire Thranduil and werewolf Thorin.



#but ah yes#Mutant And Proud: Unless You Are A Telepath Because Then You’d Better Not

Yeah, I mean, I noticed that with all telepaths. Everyone is quick to say you should be proud, but the minute a telepath uses their power just to talk in someone’s mind, not to rifle, but just to do something, there is the immediate, “Except you.”

Only in the “Stay out of my head.”

Its like, really? Really?

I get that people freak out because like, my head, but it probably hurts him more to listen in than to reach out. So, everyone around him is invading his mind, all the time.

They can’t control it, because he can’t help but ALWAYS listen, so most of his energy probably isn’t even in “talking” but in trying to keep others’ voices out of his head.

And he can’t. He’s always going to have those voices whispering so he has to learn to ignore it, but Charles Xavier, who is written like he is always trying to help, he would never be able to ignore whispers of pain.

And just…I have a lot of Charles Xavier feels from X-men: First Class and X-men: Day of Future Past, compounded with my X-men feels because now I am seeing what I IMAGINED (and what I imagined was actually worse, so seeing what he is showing is making me think of how much more horrible it really was) and just….yeah…

But yeah.

Charles Xavier can’t help but always listen and he’s always told to stay out of their heads.

But they can never stay out of his.

Appreciation of Thorin’s magnificent hair: DoS edition 1/x


do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over