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#willgraham and #hannibal doodles from eccc!


Loki Week- Day # 7 - Why Loki is more than just a pretty face

His absolutely STUNNING prowess at close range knife/dagger fights!


Happy Anniversary, Granada!

Oh how I love your stories that are true to canon, your sweet domestic moments and your amazing acting!

Illustration by Richard M. Powers for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, New York: Junior Deluxe Editions, 1956.


I ordered a bunch of these Bastion prints recently, not realizing I’d uploaded the wrong file and they’re slightly pixelated. It wasn’t the printer’s fault, so I can’t return them, which means savings for you guys!

You can’t see the pixelation from a distance, only up close.

These are $5 each, including shipping (my 11” x 17” prints are usually $15 + shipping). Basically, I’m JUST charging for shipping, so this is a nice, cheap way to get wall art c:

Signal boosts are appreciated! I have 16 of these left.

If you want one, go here!

Or if you’d rather buy through paypal, just send me an ask c: I’m trying to at least find these good homes instead of throwing them all away, so signal boosts are really appreciated!

Fuck! I feel embarrassed doing this. Why do I feel embarrassed doing this? I’m an actor, I get naked and shit in front of a camera. x


it depends what you’re in therapy for

"I wonder what they’re gonna call me."